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Mohamad Al Hellani
Founder & CEO

Message from CEO

Al Mosher Real Estate, a multi-national real estate brokerage company, has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise, positioning itself as one of the well-known privately-owned real estate brokerage in Dubai since inception in 2016. As a result of our prudent approach, we have grown steadily and remained resilient despite challenging market conditions. We have accomplished this through adapting to an evolving competitive landscape, relentless commitment to quality, and fiscal discipline, including a trustworthy customer service and delivery, thus making impressive progress in a short period of time.

Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence and in-depth understanding of the demand-supply dynamics in the real estate industry, we have managed to sell, rent and manage hundreds of residential and commercial properties distributed all over Dubai, a city globally recognized for its impressive skyline, and stunning achievements such as the successful bid for Expo 2020. While we are headquartered here, we have expanded internationally and opened offices in Kuwait and Nigeria, and diversified our portfolio to include fully integrated property solutions creating a one-stop platform for real estate seekers.

Building on our success, we look forward to a new era of growth and expansion as we work continuously building on our current services and offering clients genuine qualified properties and developments. Furthermore, we will continue to work hard in binding to our integrity, reliability and expertise which maximize a tangible value creation to our clients and investors even in an uncertain economic climate.


Ahmed Ayyad

Director of Sales

With wide experience in real estate and banking industry, Ahmed joined Al Mosher Real Estate in 2019 to lead the Sales Teams of the company and establish its sales strategy. With over 15 years of property and investment banking expertise in GCC and MENA Region, he comes with an extensive know-how of the market and its investment fundamentals to develop and execute the sales plans leading his team to achieve the set targets. Ahmed’s passion is to oversee the sales process of the deals assuring the transactions and their respective documentation are being done properly as per the laws and regulations.


Abdul Shaveed

Leasing Manager

With extensive experience in both Property and Facility Management gained at highly ranked corporate organizations in the UAE and India, Abdul Shaveed has over 6 years of experience and know-how in property management covering all aspects of the industry from property inspection, to leasing, collection, maintenance and many other tasks. He makes sure that the landlord and tenant are both on one page of the deal and the documentation process is being completed as per the laws and regulations.


Jessica Bagay

Listing Manager

Joined in 2016, Jessica has a long experience in the Dubai Real Estate Multi-Listing Systems. She has worked with major Real Estate Brokerage Companies and handled their property listing, valuation and criterion. She dealt with the top real estate portals in the UAE and GCC which provided her the know-how and knowledge how those portals operate as a back office and front end. She makes sure that each property is qualified in every aspect starting from the title deed, legal documents, property status and many other physical parts before it’s published live on our portals, website and digital platforms.

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